What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Why Pick on Charlie Daniels?

I’ve been a little tough on Charlie Daniels of the Charlie Daniels Band as of late and I wanted to explain why. Like Charlie, I grew up in Tennessee and remember hearing his music and thinking “this is different” and I liked it. Now I wasn’t a massive country music fan but “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” was a classic and back then, believe it or not, country musicians rarely used fiddles in their music (they used slide guitars and such). Charlie has always struck me over the years as Johnny Cash-like, in that he seemed to be going his own way, which I respect.

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Journalist Are Unsung Heroes

Journalists in the U.S. these days often get a bad rap, some of it perhaps not undeserved. But worldwide, journalists routinely risk prison, harassment or their very lives in order to speak truth to power and shine the light on corruption and criminality of those indulging in mankind’s worst impulses.

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Verizon Fios Removes Univision. Univision Hints it’s the “R” word?

To my amigos outside of the TV business, this is a standard bearer dispute between two large multi-billion dollar media companies. It is happening more and more because as viewership and ad revenue plummet, broadcasters depend more and more on the “retransmission” revenue stream from cable & satellite companies like Verizon, Direct TV, Spectrum, etc.

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60 Minutes Brave Expose on Big Pharma

QUESTION: Why is TV called a medium?

ANSWER: Because when it’s well done, it’s rare.

Old joke but very proud of 60 Minutes tonight who went up against a huge ad category (Big Pharma), when they broadcasted an expose on Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn sponsoring and congress passing a bill that helped Pharma Companies avoid DEA enforcement and ensure the flow of opioids continue to feed an increasingly addicted nation (many in her home state of TN) resulting in over 200K deaths.

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Grey – My Favorite Color

WHY IS GREY MY FAVORITE COLOR? That REALLY strong opinion you espouse… could it be the seeds were planted by a foreign government bent on sowing discord here in the US?

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Humans… We Suck.

Gotta say it… Roger Ailes’ Fox News legacy from 1996 lives on in the Summer 2017 DC shooting.

Dividing people to gain money, power, market share, career advancement, etc. has consequences… and we, the ever pliable and naive public are paying the price.

Turning against our neighbors, fellow citizens and fellow human beings on demand and on command.

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Crazy Horse Prophecy Comes True

Well, here is something uplifting. In 2016 we visited the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation in South Dakota, located in the poorest county in the USA where the avg. male life expectancy is 48. Let that sink in.

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Welcome to Florida.. Now Give Me Your Money!!!!

I recently had a 60 cent cashless only toll turn into a $15.60 bill because of Thrifty Car Rental and the State of Florida’s super sneaky and shady “Gotcha!” toll system which allows Miami Airport Rental Car Companies like Thrifty to charge $15 a day in “toll admin fees” after the fact. I was there less than 24 hours, hardly went anywhere, used GPS to avoid toll roads, but no matter… If they play you just right, the fees they “earn” from tolls from unsuspecting visitors is actually more than the car rental itself. How much $ does this contribute to the rental car co’s bottom lines? How many people go to the energy and trouble to fight a $15 charge, no matter how ridiculous?

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Happy Independence Day USA

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY USA: – I’m thankful for the unfettered opportunity to present our truthful travel and world experiences directly to our audience, free of

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The Myth of Roger Ailes & Fox News

Roger Ailes recently died, and I couldn’t help but think about the comparison to another formerly heralded man, shamed just before dying, Penn State Coach Joe Paterno.

Ailes was recently forced out at Fox News after accusations of sexual harassment by several female staffers. Paterno was forced out of Penn State after a horrific charge of ignoring child sex abuse for decades by long time assistant Jerry Sandusky.

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When Travel Goes Wrong. The Trip That Wasn’t

We were all fired up about our trip to Portugal’s Azores Islands to film over the Memorial Weekend Holiday.

Weeks of planning had taken place and the Visit Azores folks had everything set for us and put together an excellent itinerary. This was going to be a great couple of episodes, but first, we had to get there.

Azores Air flies direct to the Azores once per day out of Boston Logan Airport at 9:05PM. Our flight was scheduled weeks in advance and was to leave on Thursday.

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Health Insurance For Circus Clowns (or the USA)

A few weeks ago my Health Insurance company cancelled me for lack of payment after I signed up for their recurring auto payment feature on their website which is how I pay 99% of my bills given my travel schedule.

It worked just once then stopped working and I never was made aware. Turns out their website had an option to pay the bill on the actual day it was due which I, like a dummy, checked off because, you know, it was 1 of 2 options (the other was to pick a date out of thin air and plug it in manually).

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Saving Rhinos from Extinction

People say I have a great “job”, and I do, but producing Raw Travel is also a ton of work and sacrifice. I’m 99% sure I could make more $ doing something else, but I figured out a while back that old cliche about $ and happiness is actually true. The impact of the show and feedback from viewers is one big part of the reason we carry on. At times I wonder if the show is having an actual impact other than entertainment, but then I hear stories like this Toronto gentleman who saw Raw Travel last year (we’re not licensed in Canada so I assume he saw the Buffalo or Detroit feed).

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Vice Who?

This is an ad in the media trade e-newsletter Cynopsis. Maybe it hits a little close to home but I find it kind of offensive when Vice says “Young People are tired of Old White Guys”. Do they mean like Vice founder Shane Smith? (Old, white and now very rich). Or Vice investor Rupert Murdoch? He’s really old.. and really white but also really rich. or Tom Freston, who made Vice what it is today.

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