Nielsen… Still Lying After All These Years

Bad Nielsen Hispanic Samples perpetuated tired media stereotypes of U.S. Latinos as maids, gardeners, gangbangers, or illegal immigrants. Young U.S.-born Latinos were not represented in the research and, thus, the television programming landscape.

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Mentally Ill or Mentally Weak?

They play internet doctors, lawyers, spiritual leaders, climatologists, entrepreneurs, political pundits, and experts of all stripes because they can do so without real-world knowledge or consequences. When proven wrong, which is easy with a stroke of a fact check, they double down or, at best, crawl back down their rabbit hole only to re-emerge later with more outrageous, bogus claims.

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Journalists Not Immune to Qspiracy Madness

Anyone in the TV industry knows full well that a Sales Coordinator/Promo Producer is very far down a corporate chain and not anywhere near legit source for such information. Project Veritas knows this too, but they didn’t want facts to get in the way of a good story.

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Robert Rose