What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Journalism. A Brave Choice? Increasingly So.

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The next time you hear someone complaining about “fake news” consider that for every politically motivated, hatchet-job hack there is probably at least one real, dedicated reporter risking their life for truth and justice in countries all over the world, some in theoretical democracies I’ve visited such as, Mexico (13), Philippines (4), and Honduras (3).

Countries with highest numbers of media killings in 2017:

  • Mexico: 13

  • Afghanistan: 11

  • Iraq: 11

  • Syria: 10

  • India: 6

  • Philippines: 4

  • Pakistan: 4

  • Nigeria: 3

  • Somalia: 3

  • Honduras: 3

I think it’s safe to say none of these courageous, departed folks were wealthy either. Follow this LINK to read the story.



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