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Surgeon General on Fox News – Americans Are Dying From Starvation?

U.S. Surgeon Gen. Jerome Adams named a “Power Player” on Fox News with Chris Wallace this morning. Here are his views on Climate Change and a direct quote: “We know that the science says that man IS having an impact on the climate but we also know that people are DYING from not having JOBS, not being able to FEED THEIR FAMILIES.”

I hope the intent wasn’t to try to suggest that the USA (Home of the most powerful economy in the world with 5% of the population consuming 20% of world’s resources) is struggling so much to feed its population that we can’t do anything about climate change.

Do you know anyone in the USA that is literally starving? If so, please do let me know ASAP as I’d like to help. I don’t know much about the Jerome Adams or his political affiliations nor do I care. But I know what I saw and he came across as nervous, ill-prepared, ignorant and not up to the task of being our Surgeon General. I hope he simply misspoke and these are not truly his thoughts.

Kids In Haiti

Kids In Haiti



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