What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Nielsen… Still Lying After All These Years

Bad Nielsen Hispanic Samples perpetuated tired media stereotypes of U.S. Latinos as maids, gardeners, gangbangers, or illegal immigrants. Young U.S.-born Latinos were not represented in the research and, thus, the television programming landscape.

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Mentally Ill or Mentally Weak?

They play internet doctors, lawyers, spiritual leaders, climatologists, entrepreneurs, political pundits, and experts of all stripes because they can do so without real-world knowledge or consequences. When proven wrong, which is easy with a stroke of a fact check, they double down or, at best, crawl back down their rabbit hole only to re-emerge later with more outrageous, bogus claims.

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Journalists Not Immune to Qspiracy Madness

Anyone in the TV industry knows full well that a Sales Coordinator/Promo Producer is very far down a corporate chain and not anywhere near legit source for such information. Project Veritas knows this too, but they didn’t want facts to get in the way of a good story.

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Rethinking my relationship to Tennessee

I still love Tennessee. And I will continue to defend against lazy stereotypes. But not like before. Not after so many Tennesseans supported this coward conman, who caused this insurrection. Not after being so intellectually lazy too. Stereotypes are, after all, based on some kernel of truth. It appears the grain of truth in Tennessee was more extensive than I had imagined.

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Tribute to my Father

If having a heart threatens our way of life, then it’s a way of life that is doomed to failure anyway. Having a heart is a feature, not a bug, for the denizens of this country. It is why we are so prosperous, not in spite of it.

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Can’t Handle the Truth?

While facts can be interpreted differently depending on one’s unique inherent life experiences, confirmation biases, etc., traits that we ALL have and must face, there is and will always only be one set of verifiable facts. For that, the much-maligned “mainstream” media is the only media that at least pretends to hold themselves accountable to journalistic standards, some baseline degree of ethics, and a minimum level of integrity.

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Robert Rose