What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Trumpism’s Cognitive Dissonance

While visiting family down south, I had yet another befuddling conversation with a “Trumper” also claiming to be a “Ukraine supporter” who has somehow rewired their brain to ignore the fact that the Trump faction of the GOP are the primary folks responsible for abandoning Ukraine by blocking continued US funding.

I’m curious how one can so easily compartmentalize the words and actions of Trump praising Putin, discouraging support for Ukraine, and quoting Hitler while at the same time insisting that “if only Trump were in charge,” Russia’s war on Ukraine would not have happened. Huh?

Forgetting the fact that Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on in Crimea since 2014 (if Trump could have stopped the war in just one day, why didn’t he do it in 2017-2020?), do the words and actions of the man entirely not matter?

The gentleman I was speaking with claimed “Biden was weak,” so Putin attacked Ukraine. I counter that when Trump’s followers attempted to overthrow the US government, reverse election results, and hang his vice president on 1/6/21, Trump gave Putin the green light to fully invade. “The USA is divided,” so “go for it” was the clear message. Refusing to cede a peaceful transfer of power for the first time in our nation’s history, now THAT is weakness.

Of course, Trumpers then counter that 1/6/21 was just a liberal setup coordinated by the “deep state,” BLM, and Antifa forces, which, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary … is almost poetically and quaintly Putin-esque. It’s very KGB-like to counter obvious facts with cynical and outrageous lies that attempt to confuse (successfully) the weak-minded and demoralize (unsuccessfully) the critical thinkers who know better.

To ignore specific facts is the definition of cognitive dissonance. It is so obviously propelled by Russian propaganda that it blows my mind how very ignorant such a significant % of otherwise seemingly decent Americans choose to be. This gentleman was a proud professed “Christian,” supporting a man who tried to overthrow our government, quotes Hitler, and is responsible for praising Putin, a tyrannical child-murdering, child-kidnapping, war criminal, repeatedly. With his latest “defund Ukraine” move, Trump now has Ukrainian children’s blood on his hands. Full stop (more than a dozen civilians have been murdered since funding was not approved before the holiday break).

With “friends” like these “Christian” Trumpers, is it any wonder Ukraine has such a persistent enemy like Putin?

The two are clearly not unrelated.




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