What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Linda Yaccarino Needs New Glasses?

Ms. Yaccarino may need new glasses because what is deceptive is Linda Yaccarino continued justification of hate speech and disinformation as “free speech.” READ THE ARTICLE HERE 

As if a private company had no control over what was posted on its private platform.

What’s also misleading to advertisers are X’s traffic numbers. Most of their traffic is now fueled by “bots” (non-humans). As I’ve illustrated on my own X/Twitter feed, I’m now up to 59 of my last 62 new followers that are apparent bots. Bots liking my tweets are also up.

Marketer beware? Sure. Yet, still, Media Matters pointed out what any marketer worth their salt should already know – that advertising on X puts their brand perilously close to seemingly supporting horrific hate speech.

Interestingly, what finally moved some advertisers to action was that Musk, who grew up in Apartheid South Africa, clicked “like” and commented positively on an article that was not only antisemitic but a well-worn lie and a trope.

The fact that for months now, X has been allowing Russian bots to deceive the American public with disinformation about Russia’s bombardment of civilians, so-called Ukrainian corruption, the U.S. financial support of Ukraine, etc., went completely unnoticed (or uncared for) by advertisers. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when don’t-give-a-damn-how-many-children-die companies like HUGO BOSS inexplicably still operate in Russia? I digress.

The “real world” impact of all of this is that some craven, usually far-right which-way-is-the-wind-blowing politicians now feel they have “cover” to block funding for Ukraine in a war where even a temporary slowdown of aid and military support costs flesh and blood lives of civilians and soldiers alike (while working against the strategic, long term best interest of US citizens). They are taking Putin’s side against the USA… full stop.

I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to state that this direct correlation from X/Twitter disinformation amplification leads to head-scratching political decisions in DC, which leads to lives needlessly lost in Ukraine. This means that Ms. #Yaccarino and Mr. #Musk have blood on their hands.

That may sound like a stretch, but if you haven’t been to Ukraine, seen movies like #20DaysinMariupol (see previous post), or been swarmed by Russian trolls, you may not know what you don’t know.

I see it as plain as the evidence of war crimes I filmed when in Ukraine. X’s impact is clear. People are dead, and more are certainly going to die because, in part, of this undynamic duo’s “free speech” claim.

No, they didn’t drop the bomb… but their misguided policy has helped ensure the anti-missile defense system to save lives wasn’t in place.

I predict this will end poorly for both. I stand by this. Please tell your elected officials to pass support for Ukraine at the link HERE.




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