Raw Travel Helps Our Friends in Ukraine

Raw Travel has deep connections in Ukraine, having filmed three episodes in Lviv and Kyiv in 2019. Anastasia, our Ukrainian videographer, and her family are two times refugees, having already fled Donbas for Kyiv, and she and her younger brother are now separated from her parents, who remained behind. Anastasia on location in Madeira, Portugal […]

Making the case for curating weekend TV on TV Newscheck

Appreciate Michael of TVNewsCheck for asking my “humble opinions” about the present and future of syndicated TV. Can broadcast TV be saved? Absolutely. What will save it? A blend of creative solutions from local to regional and national. It begins by inviting more raw, talented creatives from streaming, social media, indie TV & film, etc., […]

Too Whack for Weekends!

I have been privileged to work in the broadcasting industry for most of my adult life. I began in local ad sales and progressed to management. My current role as a business owner and independent producer of Raw Travel TV has been the most fulfilling and eye-opening of all. I have overseen all facets of […]

Media Using “Political Polarization” in their Business Plans

I read a recent article in one of the business trade magazines about a large media company’s annual call with Wall Street regarding their potential acquisition of another media company. For the uninitiated, these calls are meant to provide some guidance to big Wall Street firms about the company’s strategy and growth prospects. The headline […]

Nielsen… Still Lying After All These Years

Bad Nielsen Hispanic Samples perpetuated tired media stereotypes of U.S. Latinos as maids, gardeners, gangbangers, or illegal immigrants. Young U.S.-born Latinos were not represented in the research and, thus, the television programming landscape.

Mentally Ill or Mentally Weak?

They play internet doctors, lawyers, spiritual leaders, climatologists, entrepreneurs, political pundits, and experts of all stripes because they can do so without real-world knowledge or consequences. When proven wrong, which is easy with a stroke of a fact check, they double down or, at best, crawl back down their rabbit hole only to re-emerge later with more outrageous, bogus claims.

Journalists Not Immune to Qspiracy Madness

Anyone in the TV industry knows full well that a Sales Coordinator/Promo Producer is very far down a corporate chain and not anywhere near legit source for such information. Project Veritas knows this too, but they didn’t want facts to get in the way of a good story.

Is Murdoch Even a “News” Man Anymore?

Fox News Channel and the New York Post have seemingly, completely and 100% given up even a semblance of journalism and are simply “making it up” as they go along.