What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Gas Prices Got You Down? Buck Up!

$10 PER GALLON IN FRANCE: These are the gas prices for a Liter of Gas in France. Multiply x4 to get a gallon. Convert Euros to Dollars, and we’re talking north of $10 per gallon.

This might explain why you see some small vehicles like these on the streets of Paris.

I don’t know their gas price history, but I know these are high times, as in the U.S.

Yet I’ve not heard a Parisian complain about the high cost of fuel OR food in France. They probably understand these are complex global commodity issues. And perhaps they know that Putin’s war has caused a squeeze on supply driving up all energy and food prices. They know demand is high due to covid bounce back travel, business, and other global factors that always drive commodity prices. Maybe they understand that folks in developing countries risk starvation because of Putin’s war.

Perhaps, they have decided to “keep calm and carry on” with a “stiff upper lip.” Oh wait, maybe that’s the Brits? Regardless, I hear no complaints. But then again, I don’t understand French. Hmm… touché. See? I know a little.

But not I.

I’m a Gen X/ American/NYC complainer. It’s what I do. If I got paid for it, I’d be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

I caught myself in mid-complaint to someone about inflated NYC prices in front of Anastasia (Raw Travel’s Ukrainian videographer and two-time displaced refugee from Putin’s wars). Then I stopped myself. I was embarrassed and ashamed for apparent reasons.

Yes, old habits die hard. My (hopefully) temporary bank account’s suffering due to Putin’s war is nothing compared to the human suffering the good Ukrainian people, she and her family are having to withstand. And yet they find time to smile. Or, as the Americans once often said – “grin and bear it.”

Funny, I don’t hear that phrase so much anymore. Let us ALL draw inspiration from Ukraine and toughen up a bit.

I know, I know. I’m a bummer. But surely there’s some truth in there somewhere?





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