What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

The Truth is the ONLY Defense

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“The truth is always a defense.” These profoundly cynical and manipulative media outlets with a political agenda, full of half-truths (in this case, not even that), “I hear” style of gossip, and other error-filled “journalism” may find themselves out of business soon. The right lawsuit can do this, and if you don’t believe it, asks the folks at “Gawker.” It’s one reason “opinion” shows are so popular. They can say whatever they want under the umbrella of “news” without being actual “news” and be somewhat shielded from liability and defamation laws. The best way to stop this madness is not legal but personal. We each need to smarten up as consumers, get a better media diet, and reject cable news’ outlets playing fast & loose with the truth to cater to our individual inherent biases so they can raise ratings and money. That’s not news, that’s propaganda, and it’s dangerous. If you prefer propaganda, you like over truth and information as it is, then please move to Russia, Cuba, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela, and please stop trying to drag my country, me, and my chosen industry down with you. I’m proud of journalism, and I reject the charlatans who know better but sold their souls and something as sacred as the truth for ratings, a job, money, and power. Let’s hope, and for all our sakes, their days are also drawing to an end. You & I can help make this so in 2021 by merely choosing credible media outlets. Let’s do this!



Follow up on my previous post… Threat of litigation should not be the motivation to NOT support blatant lies & disinformation. What of the “opinion” journalists, spreading this mis-information? Will they be held accountable? Is an apology or clarification enough to undo the damage? Truth should not be subject to whomever has the biggest legal funds available. I fairly recently won a case against a cyberstalker… Twas a nice to get that bit of personal satisfaction but it in no way made up for the misery this unhinged person caused over a two year period of my life. So excuse the passion, but I have more than a couple dogs in this hunt… 1) I work in media 2) I was a victim of outlandish smears by someone I’d never even met. 3) I also happen to be a citizen of this country. Truth Matters to me… a lot. It should to all of us.




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