What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Will they Walk the Walk in Ukraine?

– From Cynopsis “Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s premiere of the Ukrainian fantasy series “Cossacks” arrives on Crackle on September 1. Directed, written, and shot on location in Ukraine and featuring a cast of Ukrainian actors, “Cossacks” is a 12-episode sword and sorcery fantasy series” Hmm. Is this a good thing or tone-deaf, given the […]

TV Newscheck Says Regulation is the Problem? It’s the Answer.

My answer to today’s editorial from TVNewsCheck – The lack of regulation enforcement is one reason we are in this mess, so don’t use the misguided attempt to punish the Murdochs as an excuse to throw out the rules that work. An update and expansion of FCC rules to cable and internet news organizations is […]

The Cable Strategy Tragedy

THE CABLE STRATEGY TRAGEDY: Too easy, I know, and sad but almost always unsaid, so I’ll say it. This is just the latest shoe-to-drop and consequence of cable TV’s not-too-long-ago obsession with “reality TV” and “over-the-top” characters that eventually helped put yet another nail in cable TV’s coffin. Just 10 or so years ago, the […]