What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Reflections on Christianity and the Election

Today is the final Lord’s day before the election, and I thought a good time to share this video finally. I grew up in a Christian environment, but 2020 has been the year that I can’t quite wrap my brain around SOME folks who claim to be Christians.

When I grew up, politics wasn’t discussed at church or much anywhere; it wasn’t considered polite. Your Spiritual relationship was mostly a private matter between you and your God. Your political beliefs were primarily personal matters that no one brought up in polite company. You had to know someone well to have those types of discussions. How much has that changed, as politics have found religion to be a useful tool for dividing and conquering? So let’s put it out there then.

My father, God rest his soul, was an incredibly religious man, born in the deep and segregated South. He traveled just a little but changed a lot in the 40+ years that I knew him, almost all for the better. Late in life and at his religious fervor’s height is when I probably grew closest to him. Not because of religion but because I knew he’d be gone soon.

He surprised me once when he confided that he had voted for a black man with a funny, Muslim sounding name for President with a Catholic for his Vice Presidential running mate. Why? He simply thought they were generally good people and the best choices to lead the country. That could not have been easy. Right or wrong, I am so proud of my father for having made a courageous choice, especially given his age, geography, and background. He has inspired me much. I tell him every time I visit his grave.

Though I miss him dearly and daily, in a way, I am thankful my father is not around to see what has become of some in the Christian faith. Those who claim to believe in the sanctity of life (right to life) but couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask for their elderly or physically compromised neighbors at church. Not coincidentally, many of these same folks are also supporting a candidate intent on spreading lies, division, hatred, and yes, death through super-spreading falsehoods and downplaying of covid and the value of wearing a mask.

“Amazing Grace,” says even the biggest sinner can be forgiven IF they are sincere in their repentance. Though my thoughts on religious ideology have expanded and evolved immensely as I’ve grown older, this basic fact is what I still believe. We are all imperfect but are tasked with striving to be better every day. I would add that we should strive to leave our fellow humans in a better place when we leave than when we entered.

The video expresses some of the reasons WHY I believe the way I do. I think division, misleading, outright lies, fear-mongering, and using religion as an election platform when convenient is just plain wrong. And if you’re still one of the few with an open mind, please consider what is in the video before you vote. If you’re going to use religion as cover for your choice, then you need to take a brutally honest, unflinching look or you’re just lying to yourself, your fellow citizens and God.

Truth is hard. Change is harder. Both are worth it.



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