What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Making the case for curating weekend TV on TV Newscheck

Appreciate Michael of TVNewsCheck for asking my “humble opinions” about the present and future of syndicated TV. Can broadcast TV be saved? Absolutely. What will save it? A blend of creative solutions from local to regional and national. It begins by inviting more raw, talented creatives from streaming, social media, indie TV & film, etc., to the broadcast platform and then encouraging a healthy eco-system by curating even fringe periods and by showing love (more runs, better timeslots) to good story-telling producers creating unique content, and winnowing out the bad story-tellers and profiteers. A good show is a good show. We simply need more good, watchable content in good timeslots. The money will follow.

Talking TV: Making The Case For Syndies’ Longevity from TVNewsCheck on Vimeo.



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