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Is Murdoch Even a “News” Man Anymore?

Rupert Murdoch’s “news” properties are batting 1000% or three for three in the “Fake News” Department.

QUESTION: Can he be considered a “newsman” anymore, as he once so proudly proclaimed in his native Australia? What is the impact to Wall Street Journal and his local TV news operations, which operate legitimately? Will they lose their moral high ground? Have they already? Are they starting to suffer, and should they bear the costs as well? Maybe they should.

Between the fake Dr. Seuss Censorship story, the Fake “Joe’s gonna take your hamburger” story, and now this utterly fake report about Kamala’s children’s book handed out to immigrant kids – where the writer who was “made” to write it has resigned- Murcoch’s two properties have seemingly, entirely and 100% given up even a semblance of journalism and are simply “making it up” as they go along.

As if there is no legitimate news to write about anymore. I know this from correspondence from NY Post Columnists who say as much in their private conversations & emails with me.

The NY Post is so far out in left-field that they’re not even on the fairway of truth. And to think they were bragging about actually saying the 2020 elections were legit. Talk about a liar bragging when he finally accidentally tells the truth.

So what’s motivating them? Are they seriously that desperate? Yes, they’re winning the ratings, but are they losing the revenue wars so severely as to just make it up? Huckster Carlson is #1 in primetime cable, even after claiming parents who let their children wear masks in public are guilty of child abuse and should have their children removed. Huckster will take it as far as he can until he eventually crosses that line. Still, at this point, that may be something as far as outrageous as a live murder on TV or something so crazy as to shock the Tucker nation into reality. I am not sure that’s even possible. But having spent years having friends tell me things and being like, “where’d they get that loony idea,” now, at least, I know the answer. They were watching and then repeating this massive garbage dump of lies. Then repeating it with such conviction that I believed they must have gotten it from a legitimate source. At least now I know how credulous they are and can put them in their proper place in my brain when they talk. Which is… ignore, they know not what they say, they simply… watch, listen, believe, and repeat.

No, at this point, until viewers, readers or policy pushes back, this apparently will continue. Free speech famously does NOT include the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theatre, so please brush up on your “free speech 101” before commenting.

If Mr. Murdoch, who is 90+ years old at this point, has any reputation to salvage as an actual media mogul and not a conspiracy-theory propagating, lie-peddler, he’d better get busy… he’s running out of time. The grim reaper is a relentless foe who ALWAYS wins in the end. Like his associate Rudy G, chances are, he’s too far gone, and it’s much too late to come back now. The question is, who will he drag down with him?

You? Not me.



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