What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Fox News and Fake News

I’m sure Fox News didn’t crop the President out of a compromising, embarrassing photo during an election year without some serious discussion. Maybe they were leery about angering the child-people of the Trump cult. But see, here’s the thing about REAL journalism, it follows the facts wherever they lead and regardless of consequences. Many have given their lives to such causes in the name of one simple thing… speaking truth to power.

Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it not true or fake news, that makes you an ideologue immune to facts, reason and common sense and eventually on the wrong side of history. Just like the folks who bent themselves into pretzels to justify slavery, segregation, and any number of social ills over the years. Whether it be claims the media is exaggerating covid for political reasons, to wild conspiracy theories that accuse Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci of making a deal with the Lizard people to make billions off a vaccine (I hear Bill Gates needs the money), to something as basic as labeling an elected person in another political party “evil” or “hating America” as if you alone were the arbiter of such things as the proper way to love America.


Not Fake News

This is a real photo, not cropped.

While frankly, it’s exceedingly offensive to those who sacrifice so much in the name of truth telling, it’s not surprising or shouldn’t be by now, when people we’ve previously respected propagate and help spread misrepresented facts, outright lies and conspiracy theories in the face of overwhelming facts that state otherwise. But it’s always disappointing. Especially when lives are at stake as they are with Covid.

Since I live in a country, not a cult, I’ll stick to the facts. Facts in this case are that Epstein was pals with Trump, Clinton, Prince Sweaty Guy, and other powerful people at the time. This is just one photo that illustrates that fact. No proof any of those powerful people did anything wrong that we know of… yet, but cropping a photo and pretending otherwise, or just showing photos of Epstein with Clinton while ignoring the ones with Trump is the opposite of journalism, it is in fact… the fakest of fake news.



Fox News Version

What’s missing on the left?


Lots of photos to choose from…

So why pretend otherwise?



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