What would happen if a few people weren’t dragging the rest of us down?

Can’t Handle the Truth?

When viewers flee an already dubious “news” operation because even the most basic and obvious facts are unpalatable, then we have what we call “willful ignorance,” the desire to not know the truth and to remain ignorant.

Compare this to Cuba, Myanmar, or Russia, where people must risk their freedom and well-being to exhaustively pursue facts or truth. Where those who bring said facts and truth to light are usually not long for this world. Through no fault of their own, the denizens are simply “ignorant” of the goings-on of the world around them. What they would give to be here and freely witness the truth that a good % of our citizenry rejects because it’s “uncomfy,” I guess.

While facts can be interpreted differently depending on one’s unique inherent life experiences, confirmation biases, etc., traits that we ALL have and must face, there is and will always only be one set of verifiable facts. For that, the much-maligned “mainstream” media is the only media that at least pretends to hold themselves accountable to journalistic standards, some baseline degree of ethics, and a minimum level of integrity.

Anything beyond that practiced by Opinion Talking Heads, Newsmax, OAN, Parler, etc., is pure speculation and, as is the case these days, pure delusional fantastical thinking (lizard people? for real?). Not only will I not indulge in such nonsense, I care zero about interacting with people who do. It’s weak-minded, intellectual laziness, a trait I see so much more clearly now and despise more and more daily. Pandemic or no, there is no excuse to EVER prefer to believe lies over truth.

-With one caveat being Santa Claus, which, as we all know, does most assuredly and definitely exist. Santa and I are cool… I just wanna make that crystal clear.


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