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Beware of Backblaze

Beware of Backblaze: Are there any Mac and Backblaze users out there? If so, I would like to offer a heads-up. 

I used BackBlaze successfully for years to back up my computer automatically on “the cloud.” This would help if I lost my itty-bitty hard drive, which I temporarily lost once before, circa 2019, and Backblaze came through. 

However, at some point this year, unbeknownst to me, Backblaze inexplicably stopped backing up my external hard drive on my Mac. I discovered this yesterday and found out Backblaze now has no way of backing up an External HD on a Mac anymore. 

I wasted an entire afternoon to get this little gem of information. I found this little deal killer out with their “chat customer service” (no more phone service, apparently). No explanation was provided, but they took my $7 a month for several months while essentially backing up noncrucial stuff NOT contained on my external hard drive. These are unimportant things that I usually delete after a day to save memory. 

More crucially than the money wasted, had I lost my external HD on one of my trips, or it had failed, I would have lost ALL my data. 

I shudder to think what would have happened. I may have had to wind up my business and call it a day a few years early. This is not to mention trying to re-create many crucial personal files, etc. 

I’m working with a new company that can back up external Mac-based HDs, and I plan to have a 3rd physical backup in place. But if you have a Mac and depend on Backblaze to back you up, check your data to ensure it’s backed up. Not a rant… just a warning. 

Turns out it IS astonishingly easy on Back Blaze… to lose your stuff. 



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