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A Song for Venezuela, a Lesson for Us All

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Music Lovers – Here’s a new song with a message from my pal, Roman Rojas, an NYC based musician & one of my oldest NYC pals. Roman Rojas music can also be heard on Raw Travel TV from time to time, and he’s a recent Covid 19 survivor. He’s also Venezuelan-American and, like many, is understandably heartbroken by what is happening to the good people there.

I visited Caracas in 2006 when Hugo Chavez was running for re-election, and it sadly reminds me of what is happening now in 2020 in the US. The distortion of fact, the justification of atrocities, people’s unwillingness to see things beyond their own ideological silos, and the extremes given outsized power.

Roman’s collaborator was tortured by the current Venezuelan regime and escaped to live to tell the horrific tale. He now has a message of hope for all Venezuelans living through unspeakable darkness for so many years. He survived, he is fighting, and is still optimistic, a lesson for us all here in the USA, as we struggle through these dark times in our own country.

Here is a link to the song and more information.


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